Trauma in the Digital Age

Currently I am finishing a book project entitled Trauma in the Digital Age: The Transmission, Representation, and Processing of Trauma on Social Media (De Gruyter). I study how social media platforms shape trauma-related communication according to their own affordances; how traumatic content reaches users; how digital bystanders act; and how, at the same time, social media platforms and online communities can become platforms for trauma processing. My case studies include the analysis of Holocaust-related Facebook groups; migratory trauma and its political background in Hungarian migrants’ blogs; the contemporary cultural and political implications of the historical trauma of the Treaty of Trianon, and the aftermath of World War I as transmitted and revived via YouTube; the resilience of trauma victims in connection with the #MeToo campaign on Twitter; digital bystanders in cyberbullying on Instagram and Facebook as compared to bystanders of the Holocaust as a historical and transgenerational trauma.